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Happy Wednesday♥

Hello families and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room. Come aboard to read all about what fun adventures we got up to today.

This morning we started inside from navigating through home corner where their minds expanded with great imagination and role play to bouncing there way to catching BUBBLES as they floated through the air! The children also enjoyed playing with the blocks, using their mighty strong brains as they problem solve with the puzzles and working as a team to build a train tracks for their trains! What a beautiful morning it was and before we knew it, it was time to pack away to get ready for group time before we indulged in delicious morning tea! In group time today Miss Gabi read a book called ”DIG, DUMP, ROLL” this book was about different types of trucks and described what they did. The children showed great listening skills and were all so engaged. Miss Gabi then sang ”Bee, bee bumble bee to transition to washing hands before they ate. When all children had finished eating they helped to pack away before meeting with Miss Jess on the mat where we got ready to head OUTSIDE!!!!!!

Mother nature decided to hold back the rain and we manged to take the opportunity to explore the great outdoors! The children were so EAGER and EXCITED! As the ventured for their outdoor journey they discovered what Miss Gabi had set up for us! (Extension on the book Miss Gabi read this morning) In the black tray was a fun transportation activity as they were able to play with the trucks in the dry rice and lentils! They all enjoyed this. After scoping out the cool set up the children set foot to explore more of their outdoor environment.

  • Swinging through the cool breeze on the swing
  • Riding around the playground with speed
  • Reading books with Miss Jess
  • Dancing to music with glee
  • Using great balancing, hand and eye coordination as they tackle the obstacle course
  • Building sandcastles, making delicious treats such as (Ice cream and cake)  in the sand pit

As the time flew by while having a whirl of fun, it was then time to come inside to get ready for lunch before we all had a lovely energised sleep before this afternoons journey in the great outdoors with all friends!!!

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Love Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx