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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Luca, Alexia, Lachlan H, Kezia and Alanis, the children were so excited to adventure outside to explore the amazing new playground we now have for the two toddler rooms.

Outside play consisted of the children taking turns to go up and down the slide on the stage area, climbing up the ramp to get to the netting tunnel with some help from their educators. Luca showed confidence as he showed us how he can figure how to climb up the ramp all by himself and also was enjoying laying down on the swing. Lachlan H showed us how he can hold onto the handle to go down the slide and he joined Luca with going down the big slide, Kezia was happily playing on the bridge with Miss Steph and Alexia was exploring the kitchen area which we can not wait to have the water tap working.

We continued with playing with the green slime we made yesterday with Miss Shelby adding some animal figurines and rocks onto the slime tray, this activity allowed the children to use their imagination as they explore the animals on the tray. Luca was making a monkey noise has he was busy playing with the monkey figure on his tray, Lachlan H pressed the rocks onto the slime, while Kezia was exploring the tray she said ” wow what is it” as she used her fingers to touch the slime. Alanis and Alexia also explored the slime and animals on the tray with Alanis made dinosaur noises saying ”raggh”

Luca was building with the elephant puzzle pieces, Miss Shelby joined him and started singing ”Little Elephants balancing” our friends Alanis, Kezia and Lachlan H came over to help line the elephants up. Alexia chose to look at the peek a boo book where she recognised  and named the duck in the book as she said ” duck, quack, quack”.

To transition the children to wash their hands for lunch today we sang a transition song ” here is little Sandy sitting on her own” Luca, Alanis, Kezia, Alexia and Lachlan H all got to chose a friend to come and play with and then go to the bathroom to wash their hands together. Alexia chose to play with Alanis, Lachlan H chose Luca and Kezia chose Miss Shelby.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph