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Glorious Wednesday♥

Good afternoon and welcome families of the Toddlers Two room. What a lovely day we have had here throughout this day.

Due to the weather this morning the children started the morning off scouting throughout the room and finding activities of their interest such as;

  • Driving the cars/trucks around the room and on the car mat. Edward and Adam were enjoying this as they were making car noises.
  • Role playing in home corner! Edward and Jackson.C were happily cooking away some food, before yelling out ”Ice, cream, Ice cream” to their friends.
  • Connecting with the magnetic connectors. Leiana, Noa, Indi and Mathias liked to challenge themselves as they make different creations.
  • Problem solving with the puzzles

We then joined together to help pack away as a team to clean the classroom before we sat with our friends and teachers on the group mat. Miss Jess started with some copy me actions to get all their focus before reading on of their favourite  books! ” Pirates in Pyjamas” The children were so excited for Miss Jess to read this book, they sat so nicely and were all so engaged with the story. On one of the pages the pirates were in the bathtub and they made shark fins in their hair with the shampoo! Miss Jess then asked the children if they could make a shark fin on their head using their hands, they did just that. It was so nice to see them so engaged with the book as well as listening to instructions. To finish off group time we sang our transition song to wash hands before scrumptious morning tea.

When we had finished morning tea the children were eager to head outside as the rain seemed to stop and the sun was coming out! As the door was opened to outside they grabbed their hats and set adventure to the great outdoors. What fun they were having such as;

  • Swinging through the breeze on the swing! The children were saying ”Higher , higher Miss Jess” They love to feel the fresh breeze and the feeling of swaying through high then low.
  • Racing the dump trucks around the bike track and through to the bark area.
  • Sliding down the slide with glee
  • Playing a game of catch and throw with the ball
  • Investigating what was inside the blue tray! Sea animals amongst blue crate paper! To continue on today with World Ocean Day we did an craft activity to make a fish! Using glue, paper plates and cupcake holders. The children liked doing this and exploring their creativity.

It was then time to come inside to get ready for lunch and a reenergised sleep for this afternoons whirl of fun. This afternoon we may head outside depending on how cool the weather is, either way our afternoon will be filled with joy and happiness♥

Thank you for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Gabi and Miss Hope xx