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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends 🙂

Today we welcomed in our crew Jackson, Indi, Jackson C, Thomas, Mathias, Edward, Leiana, Oliver, Macsen, Max and Noa and also our new friend Noah Paltram!

What a wonderful day we had around here today! Our friends were so excited to exploring their environment around and search for for them self interest play and enjoy each other company. 🙂

Indoor experience the children engaged today:
♦ Construction area we used magnetic blocks for build towers, houses and spaceship rockets.
♦ Reading book in the group mat with Miss Hope the popular books around here this morning was 10 little dinosaurs and The very crank bear in five in the bed with a puppets glove.
♦ Role play in the home corner area. Our friends enjoyed each other company and pretending they were cooking in the little kitchen.

In our group time today we all set down in the group mat to hear a story book that called “Top place Percy” they figure out sea animals pictures and also listening a story about Percy the fish how has a special talent. After our story time we all sing our favourite nursery rhyme song as a the little tiny turtle, wheels on the bus and then was time for our transition song and get ready for morning tea.

With our tummies full was time to watching the Ocean Stars show – and wooow what a amazing presentation our friends had the chance to experience in this morning. Our friends had the opportunity to discover about different sea creatures including sea shells, shark egg, sea cucumber, star fish, sea urchins. Miss Bec – the show instructor- showed the creatures to our friends and they listening very nice her instructions. Then they had the choice to dive their hands in a little aquarium and very carefully pet the sea animals. Our friends were
so excited and they absolutely loved the experience.

After the show was time to explore the playground area – outside the children engaged in:
♦ Sensory play using blue pasta and sea animals.
♦ Fun water play – Filling up water can to water the plants around the garden.
♦ Taking turns to ride bikes around the yard.
♦ Sand pit play – digging in the sand with the digger trucks.
♦ Pretending they were driving a little car and tanking their friends for a ride.

Was a beautiful learning and playful morning at the toddlers’ classroom.
Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big adventure in the afternoon!

Check out the photos

with love, Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.