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Hello families and friends and welcome to another fun-filled day of learning and play in the Toddler room today. This morning we welcomed our new friend Joey into the Toddler family, we hope you had lots of fun meeting new friends and engaging in new play experiences Joey! Today we continued on with our dental hygiene conversation during morning yarn time. The children demonstrated how they brush their teeth at home as we practised brushing up and down and round and round with the large toothbrush and mouth model. The children are very excited about the Tooth Booth Show  tomorrow and will be well prepared after our dental hygiene discussions from this week. Play time today the children engaged in transport play with the magnetic trains, role play with the doll house and building farms with the Lego set. The children were then given the opportunity to choose if they wanted to play indoors or in the outdoor environment  before our big  lunch. Some children chose to engage in sensory sand play with the sifters and diggers in the sandpit while some friends were content to engage in construction play on the mat. The children all then gathered in the foyer for our practise fire drill as we carefully explained to the children how important it is to be safe and listen to the educators in case of a real fire. WOW! What a wonderfully busy day we all had in the Toddler room today…

Until next time….

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess and Miss Jordan