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What a fun day of learning we had here in the toddlers two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Steph today with our friends Poppy, Quinn, Luca, Willow, Alexia, Kezia, Lachlan, Rania and Alanis.

We started our day joining together with Miss Shelby for group time where we sang our Good Morning song to welcome all our friends today. We also read a Australian Lullaby story called Snug as hug with the children being able to recognise the kangaroo, koala and wombat. We then pretended to be the different Australian animals by jumping like a kangaroo, climbing up a tree like a koala and crawling around like wombat.

Miss Shelby set up a painting activity for the children to do Kangaroo dot painting has today have be recognising and naming some Australian Animals.Kezia, Alexia, Alanis, Luca, Poppy, Quinn, Willow all chose to have a turn and showed understanding of how to do dot painting using the cotton ball sticks to dot the red, blue and white paint onto the Kangaroo. Poppy choose what paint she wanted to use first as she said ”red paint”

The children helped make some red Jelly to day with Miss Shelby as they took in turns using a spoon to mix the jelly crystals and water together in a bowl. Miss Shelby then poured the jelly mixture into Australian flag cups and placed in the fridge for the jelly to set.

Quinn was having cuddles with Miss Steph on the big teddy bear, Poppy showed Miss Shelby how cleaver she is at pretending to cut a egg open using the play knife and her nanny says she helps do that at home, Luca also joined in to show he could do it too. Rania was busy exploring and figuring out how to connect the coloured connector pieces and she did a awesome job connecting them all together. Alexia was pressing the buttons on the pop up shape turtle toy and Lachlan and Alanis were using their whole bodies to push different objects up and down the room.


Before Lunch we had some dancing fun together we joined Miss Shelby on the mat where we did the actions to dingle dangle scarecrow, if your happy and you know it and one little finger tap tap tap.

Today was so wonderful hearing the children use their words during lunch time with Quinn said more please when she wanted more lunch, Poppy said she wanted more pineapple and Alexia used her beautiful words to say thank-you to Miss Steph when she was given her lunch.

Miss Shelby and Steph