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Hello families and friends and welcome to another fun-filled day of learning and play in the Toddler room today. This morning we decided to explore the great outdoors. The children were very excited to play in the middle playground with the fort. Ryan and Harper both collected the balls as they practised their kicking and bouncing skills and counting how many times they could throw the balls through the hoop. Ivy and Joey spent some quiet time together engaging in sensory play in the sandpit. The children filled the buckets and cups with sand and practised their measuring and pouring skills as they transferred the sand into other containers. William practised his climbing and balancing skills on the obstacle course and then made his way to the fort where he showed off his jumping skills and said, ‘Look Miss Leesa’, as he jumped from the fort to the ground. Kaylee invited her friend Ryan to join her on the turtle see-saw. Kaylee sang, ‘see-saw, see-saw’, as the children pushed their feet off the ground so the could go higher. Miss Jess then collected the bubbles upon Harper’s request and all the children excitedly observed the bubbles floating in the breeze as they all chased and caught them with their hands.

Wow.. What a super fun day at kindy today…

Love Miss Leesa and Miss Jess