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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends! 🙂

A worm welcome from toddlers Two classroom.

What a wonderful morning we had around here today, This morning our little friends had the opportunity to explore the environment around the classroom and search for their self-interest play. The favourite game was building a tower with plastic blocks and singing with Miss Jess the ” building a tower song”. Was amazing to see our friends enjoyed each other company.

The time goes so fast when we are having fun with our friends! Before we knew it, it was time to start our morning routine – Change nappies/ washing hands/getting ready for morning tea.
For our group time today Miss Gabi read the book ” rainbow colour” then everybody sat down on the mat and listened very carefully to the story and guessed what was the next colour.  Once we finished the story we then sang “Bee, Bee bumble bee” Where the children can say and recognise their name to wash their hands for morning tea.

With our tummies full was time to keep learning, today in our activity table Miss Gabi set up a big piece of paper on table and a lot of crayons when they happily made their way to the table to draw and express their creativity and help each other identify colours. We also get engage in this morning in puzzles, home corner, doll house, sharing story books, sensory board and much more.

There was a lot happening throughput the room, so much exciting noise, smiles and laughs. A lot of fun and joy was had today by all your little treasures.

Now our little friends are resting in their bed – listening to relaxing music to reenergise for one more adventure this afternoon!!!

Check out the photos!!

With Love

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope