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Hello Families and Friends !!! 😊
A warm welcome from toddlers two classroom.

What a fabulous day we are having around here today. Our friends started the day so excited exploring our beautiful environments. Enjoying the sunshine and the fresh breeze our choice this morning was playing in the playground, after putting our hats on and sunscreen was time to one more adventure in the yard.

Learning opportunities our friends get engage in the yard:
Garden: We are still taking care of our little plants, this morning our friends helped Miss Gabi watering the plants using a squeeze bottle Gently our friends have done a beautiful job we cannot wait until our plants germinate.
Clay: Modelling, rolling and creating our friends had a good time playing with a colourful soft clay. Using their imagination for creation our friends made sharks, snowman and spider.
Drawing: The children enjoyed drawing with crayons in a selected part in the playground.
Role play: Using their imagination our friends also enjoyed pretending they were driving and giving a lift to their friends – the most popular destination in the play was “going to the beach – to get a ice block”

The time past so fast when we have so much fun with our friends. Then it was time to start our morning routines and get already for morning tea. In our group time today, everybody seats in the group mat. After we said “good morning” to our friends we sang our favourite songs as a tiny little turtle, wheels on the bus– The children engage in the group time and each song was so much fun. Then it was time to “turn on” our listening ears and hear a story book – Today Miss Gabi read a book that calls“ Bluey – the beach ”extending the children interest for the cartoon. Then everybody was listening very carefully to the story and guessed what was behind the flaps in the book.

After morning tea the children transition to sensory play at the table. Today in our group play Miss Gabi set up three different colour of jelly – red, blue and green – with different animals in each tray. The children used their imaginations and inventiveness into the activity. Some children like pretended they are feeding the animals, other ones enjoyed diving the animals into the jelly and some friends just enjoyed the feeling of the jelly in their hands. This activity was sensory based and thus supported language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving and social interaction.
For sure the children loved this little messy play. 😊

Other play experiences today included: soft blocks, car site, train tracks, reading book, home corner and much more.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

Check out the photos

With love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Brooke