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Hello all the families

Welcome to the babies two room for this beautiful Tuesday. Children have been choosing to play outside and inside during the day. Miss. Steph and Miss. Dominique welcomed all the children in the morning, and we sang a morning song altogether.

Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning as we combined all the baby’s room for few hours. They had so much fun with their friends from the other rooms.  They smiled each other, waved each other and it’s nice to see how they share the things and how gentle with each other.

After the morning play session, we had our delicious morning tea outside. It was a little picnic. Children loved it as it was a new experience for them. After our morning tea, we played inside, read some books and played with the balls.

Ariana has been using range of word to communicate with the educators and her friends. Finley has also been using lot of words during the day. He loves to point out the things and asks, “what’s that?’’. Noah was busy with playing all day. He loves climbing, throwing, sitting on chairs, pushing the trucks and riding the tricycles.  Elliana uses her nonverbal communication skills to communicate with the educators and friends.

After having the big lunch, we continued our Easter crafts with Finley and Elliana today.

It has been a wonderful day…..

Looking forward for tomorrow…

Love Miss. Hansani