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Good afternoon families! We’ve had a great day in babies two. This morning Miss Lauren and Miss Tatiane welcomed Scottie, Daisy, Chester, Oskar, Olive, Indiana, Braxton and Loki. We started our day exploring outdoor experiences as usual.

The bikes were the most popular this morning with Chester, Loki and Indi chasing each other around the yard. Daisy enjoyed the small cars and pushing the pram. Indi and Winston were very cute having cuddles on the mat. Braxton was zooming down the slide and laughing when he landed at the bottom. Loki and Olive sat beautifully sharing stories with each other, Oskar was busy kicking a ball around the yard. It was then time to come inside for group time and morning tea.

For morning tea, the children enjoyed yogurt, strawberry jam, granola and banana.

At 10am Loki and Olive transitioned to their new rooms! They were only supposed to be transitioning for one hour but both Loki and Olive were having so much fun that they stayed in their new rooms for the rest of the day! We are so proud of them.

For the group time Miss Tatiane read a book called “Easter Picnic”. The children all listened beautifully. We then sang ‘open shut them’ and ‘miss polly had a dolly’.

Last night Miss Tatiane found a beautiful photo of a peacock that she thought the children would enjoy recreating. Before we started Miss Tatiane showed the children the photo of the peacock and talked to them about it. Miss Tatiane cut out a paper shape for the head and then the children glued on the paper and some googly eyes. It was then time for the fun part… painting! The children had a paintbrush each and dabbed their brushes between the purple, pink, white paint and the paper. The children all really enjoyed this activity and didn’t want to pack away.

We then headed back outside for a quick play before lunch. For lunch we had yummy pizza scrolls with a salad bar which the children devoured.

After a busy morning everyone was well and truly ready for bed. We look forward to an afternoon full of exploring, cuddles and fun!

Thank you all for today,

Miss Tatiane and Miss Lauren.