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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3,

Our morning began bright and early in Toddlers one. Winston was our first little friend to arrive. He sat with Miss Mel and we put the train track together. Winston kept holding the train up to show Mel. We headed over to Babies 2 while we waited for more friends to arrive .Winston sat building towers with the colourful blocks. Parker gave Mel big cuddles and then headed over to the dolls cradle where she picked up a dolly and took her to home corner to do some cooking. Bella, Valencia arrived and we headed outside to explore the yard. We had fun climbing the A frames, playing on the sea-saw and pushing the toy fire truck and lawn mowers around the yard and spinning the hula hoops.

Matthew arrived just in time to help clean up our toys, wash our hands and sit down for some yummy morning tea.

Today was all about fire trucks! We were lucky enough to have a fire truck come to the centre this morning. All of the children watched from the yard as the fire truck arrived. We were then the first room to go and see the fire truck up close! We all held hands as we walked through the car park and then all of the children had a turn at walking through the fire truck. We saw big torches, uniforms and other equipment that they use. The fireman then gave the children a bright orange sticker! After saying thank you to the firemen we held hands and made our way back to our room.

Once we were back inside we had fun with a messy art activity. To extend on the fire truck, Miss Lauren put red and yellow paint to make ‘fire’ in a trough. The children were encouraged to use their hands to spread the ‘fire’ around. Valencia, Parker, Matthew and Winston got straight in there and seemed to really enjoy making a mess. Winston and Parker ended up with paint all over their faces. Once we had spread the fire, it was time to put it out! The children were given a spray bottle filled with water and shown how to spray it onto the paint to put the “fire out”. Winston had great coordination and sprayed the water everywhere, even all over the walls. He had a big smile on his face while he was using the spray bottle. Bella didn’t feel like participating in the art activity today.

We also have two new fire truck toys in our room which was perfect timing to extend on the interest from the fire truck. The children enjoyed riding them around the room today and also using their hand eye coordination to try and fit the right shapes into the right holes of the fire trucks.

Outside this morning Winston carried a rake everywhere and was using it to try and reach up high. Valencia and Bella were following each other around with the lawn mowers. Parker was busy with the babies and Matthew was throwing balls around the yard.

Today is Matthew’s second day with us and he is doing amazingly. Matthew is full of smiles and laughs and we’re so glad we have him in our room.

Other activities the children enjoyed today were blocks, group time, the doll house and instruments.

We’ve had a beautiful day and can’t wait for more fun this afternoon.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Lauren xxxx

                            Mel and Lauren.