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Good evening to our families from babies 1.  This morning Miss Jess welcomed our friends, Bentley, Orion, Quinn, Alanis and Luca on this wet day! Miss Kate arrived soon after to welcome our friends for a fun filled day! We started off by enjoying some morning tea of fruit puree, and fruit salad. We encourage self – help skills at mealtimes, Quinn, Luca and Alanis have been doing some wonderful spoon-feeding practice and we encourage this by assisting and guiding with positive praise and encouragement. Luca and Quinn both practiced their building skills this morning with the colorful Lego blocks, they both did so well with their hand and eye coordination to stack them on one another!! Tuesday is a yoga morning with Miss Gabi which we all look forward too very much! All children participated in this today including Bentley and Orion after their sleeps. Quinn has been practicing her standing solo practice this morning and it had Miss Jess and Miss Gabi in aww as she would stand up from her downward dog pose!! Quinn was so proud of herself just as we were!! Alanis and Luca also strike the downward dog pose!
Soon after yoga all the children explored playdough at the table. Luca, Quinn and Alanis especially liked feeling it through their fingers/ hands. While Orion and Bentley had a little feel.
Orion practiced his clapping and waving this morning with Miss Jess and Miss Kate. 😊
Thank you Babies 1 for the wonderful day
See you all very soon,
Love Miss Jess and Miss Kate xxx