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Good Morning everyone,

A wonderful morning outdoors as the children spontaneously chose their own play experiences, enhancing their gross motor and communication skills. Jordan and Wynter took turns to experiment with  rolling cars down the ramp. Tia Ruby and Matilda talked about the long weekend then reflected on nature’s beauty of the dew on leaves. “It looks like Jelly fish” said Matilda. Conversations across the morning had the children sharing their sea life stories.

Lucas practiced his basketball tactics to include many variations of how the shoot the ball in the hoop.

Indoors the children loved the sensory feel of painting their hands, then mixing the paint with soap.

This afternoon we introduced another skink lizard to live in our worm farm and we twirled the compost on the way in. We continued with Mother’s Day craft and  constructed puzzled then created sculptures with play dough. Back by popular request were the snails.

thanks for reading the OSHS post,

enjoy your day 🐝🐛🌺😂🐌🦋🎉😎

Miss Lea