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Greetings Families.

Children requested to do obstacle races again this morning. Scooters and swings were also popular. Indoors children constructed cubby houses and role played families, kitchens and hairdressers. Louie and Otto created a huge wooden marble maze. “It actually works” said arianna. Children are becoming respectful of good nutrition as they brought in healthy breakfast choices. This morning we read there was an old lady who swelled a mozzie. Children were engaged and shared lots of laughs. “Can we read that again next time”. Asked Otto. On our walk and talk to school we talked about friendships, respectfulness and Velcro’s bulrush.

This afternoon we experimented with colour frothy water to paint with. Animals are children’s current interests so we read Australian habitats. Bobby and Parker coloured in animal and insects then cut them up wrote movies on the papers stuck them to a table. Their cubby house turned into a movie theatre. Sienna and Sage went in to see all the movies. Sage, Matilda, Sienna, Scarlett, and Tia took turns to create a cubby home complete with signs, beds and rules written out.

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