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Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to another wonderful day in the Kindergarten room.
This morning outside the children had a wonderful time engaging in the outdoor environment role playing and using their imagination as they made lots of yummy food in our outdoor kitchen. The children have really been enjoying the variety of physical challenges that they have in the new playground with the climbing wall, climbing up the climbing net, going down the slides and our wonderful hill. After we had finished our outdoor exploration we moved inside for some morning tea then moving into our morning group time. At group time this morning we did the roll where we are incorporating the aboriginal greeting Jingeri, the children have picked this up very quickly. We also continued our group discussion surrounding what makes us feel sad, with the common theme being today that the children feel sad when their friends snatch their toys of them, or when their friends hurt them. To follow on from this for the rest of the week we will be talking about how we can deal with these situations when they arise. After group time we then moved off into a variety of experiences. The children yesterday requested that they wanted to have the rice out again. Today in the rice the children had the opportunity to use the tongs to pick up the letters and match them on the corresponding upper and lowercase sheets. As the children explored this experience I could hear the children getting very excited when they found the letters that make up their name. This experience was great for the children to further strengthen their fine motor skills, tracking skills, their hand eye coordination and their ability to match similarities. I have noticed that the children have been enjoying drawing pictures of themselves or special people in their lives over the last couple of days. To follow on with this interest we provided the children with the opportunity to paint a self portrait using our beautiful new mirrors to use our reflection as a guide, the children did such a fantastic job at creating these, and they will be displayed in the classroom for you all to have a look. Throughout the morning there was some wonderful collaborative and cooperative  play happening with the children  in the home corner, playing with the dolls house and building with the blocks. It is great to see the wonderful interactions and the relationships that are happening in the room. This afternoon the children after their rest and relaxing period the children they will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of quiet experiences such as puzzles, threading, the opportunity to revisit the letter matching experience and the opportunity to freely express their imagination and creativity as they draw their works of art.
The children have been showing an increasing interest in books, we would love it if your children could bring in a book from home that they would like to share with us at group time or we could read it in small groups.
Have a great afternoon Miss Emma and Miss Sarah