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Hello Everyone 🙂 Happy Monday

Welcome – Welcome to the first day at the Vacation Care Room!!!!

Today we welcomed our group Arianna, Sophia, Taylah, Hamilton, Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Maddison, and Harper. 

Today is – Bring our wheels day – We started the day with a group time when we had a conversation about safety rules and practices on the roads. Miss Gabi brought a different type of road sign and we discussed each one. The children had the opportunity through this activity to show all their knowledge about road safety – and also what is the safe/ right place to cross the street – check both sides before crossing and how important it is to pay attention when they are walking. – Well done guys  they all show very good skills about safety at roads. 🙂 Extending this experience the students made their own driver’s license. In the licenses they should fill in with their names – home address – the color of eye and hair – age and make their own picture. The children loved the process of creating their own driver licenses. 

They also enjoyed the warm weather outside – Taylah and Isabelle played with their scooters – Harper pick to play in the swing – Hamilton decided to create a track for his little cars – Maddison and Kaitlen having a turn to try learning how to push at Miss Gabi skateboard – Ariana and Sophia choose a ball game –  What a fun morning!!!!

We are planning to have a nice and relaxing afternoon – we will explore the arts and crafts – making a SUN CATCHER – Using colorful paper, masking tape, paper and clear contact paper the children will create a sun and stained glass artwork – when the sunlight comes in it will reflect a rainbow. 

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities painting, imaginative play, building, ball games, reading and much more.

Check out the photos!!!!

Have a great day!!!

With Love

Miss Gabi