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Hello vacation care families and friends and happy hump day!

Today we started our day playing outside with Miss Jess, until Miss Jade came and took us inside to start our day.

We ate up our delicious morning tea which was coconut yoghurt, watermelon and mixed berries. During this time, we decided as a group which activities we could like to complete for our crepe paper activity and window catcher. We decided to combine the two creating wind catchers out of wooden paddle pop sticks and string, dangling down with out crepe paper flowers.

After this we all went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. The children created a game of police officers, horses and baddies. They absolutely loved this game and ran around the yard chasing each other and ‘driving’ their bikes along the track.

Once lunch was ready, we came inside and enjoyed our delicious spaghetti bolognese. The children also enjoyed some colouring in sheets and played some games with Miss Jess.

Towards the end of the day we gathered our things and went outside ready for more free play time.

Thanks for the great day vacation care!

Miss Jade 🙂