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Welcome to the Vacation Care Blog!

The blog helps me to update our friends and families on what has been happening in vacation care and outside school hours care. 

Happy Thursday Families and Friends! 

Today we welcomed to our Vacation Care team Austin, Jacob, Taylah, Hamilton, Keyahlee, Elliott, Tyler, Graysen, Booby, Mila, Parker, Harper, Ariah and Emily.

What a wonderful excursion today.!!! 

This morning we went to Bunning Oxford for participated at the children a MasterClass. 

The Bunnings team had organized a special workshop for us, Miss Kylie ( one of the Bunnings Team) was waiting for us with a very nice table set up with colorful textas and special stickers. Kylie then talked to us about what we were going to making today, which was a recyclable plant pot. The children then eagerly set to work decorating their individual masterpieces. What creative and imaginative learners the children were being as they created their individual pieces with colors, making rainbows, cactus, flowers, and people to name a few. 

Once they finished drawing and decorating their pots Miss Kylie helped the children pop soil inside the little pots and after that, each child chooses one flower to place inside their pot. 

The children will be able to take the little flower pot home, to take care of just need some water and love, the pots can go stretch through the soil if you guys wish to plant it. 

After the group experience, the kids had free time to play at Bunnings playground, they had so much fun! Before we come back to the center we went on an adventure walk around Bunnings checking out the plants, lawnmowers, whipper snippers, and wheelbarrows which sparked some wonderful conversations.

We couldn’t have been more proud of the children as they listened and followed instructions so well, you should all be so proud. So thank you, friends, for this morning and also a big Thank you for Miss Emma and all Bunnings Team, you guys have been so kind to us. 

We are planning on having a relaxing afternoon, making rock mandalas before letting out some of our energy in the playground. The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities coloring, imaginative play, board games, face painting, creating at their art table, reading and much more.

Check out the photos from today! 

I`m feeling very grateful for today and also for the beautiful connection we`ve been created in between the new students from Kindergarten and the other friends from After School Care. 

With Love,

Miss Gabi 🙂