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Happy Friday Vacation Care  families and friends, what a wonderful Friday it has been. This morning after morning tea, we went on a bus journey to The Butterfly House at Carrara. once inside Miss Josephine from butterfly house took us on a walk through the indoor garden that has been created for the butterflies to live in, as we walked around she also explained to us that  butterflies look for certain plants to lay their eggs on and that most butterflies like different plants. We learned about the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly – they go through four stages during their life cycle and through four generations in one year. We were also able to look at a butterfly egg on a leaf through a magnifying glass, search for baby caterpillars, study the chrysalis as well as walk through the garden with these beautiful butterflies flying all around us, some even landing on our hands, hats and shoulders. The look of wonder on the children’s faces was just beautiful. We would like to thank Miss Beatriz for joining us today on our journey. This afternoon is free play afternoon, where the children will choose their own activities. We look forward to seeing you all again next week for more adventures .. Have a wonderful weekend, love from Miss Lyn & Miss Beatriz xx