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Happy Friday families and friends. Today was the last day of our vacation care, and what a fun day it has been! This morning we had some superhero mechanics come to fix the scooters in our playground. Some chose to ride the scooters and bikes, while others chose to draw. After morning tea we put on more sunscreen and head up into the side playground where we raced tiny cars around the sand tray. We then ventured back to our classroom playground where we found it easier to race the cars along the veranda. Our indoor activities included leaf painting which was a fun spontaneous activity that stemmed from watching the leaves blowing around the yard. We then had a fun sensory experience where we squished paint under glad wrap, then lifted the top layer of wrap away to press sheets of paper onto the squished paint to form a painting. After our lunch the children decided they wished to chill out with their friends doing jigsaws, large and small Lego, hula hoops and riding the bikes and scooters, instead of watching a movie. We also had a fun afternoon tea party. We wish you al lovely long weekend …. see you all on Tuesday.

Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies. 😊💖😊