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Good evening families and friends. Wow! What a very warm day it has been. Here are some of the things our vacation care friends enjoyed today. We engaged in shave foam art, this turned into shave foam play on the table and at the easel. The girls loved the feel and smell of the shaving foam and genuinely loved this sensory experience. Our play dough station was a hive of activity, with most of the children using the cupcake station to create cakes and biscuits using the moulds and cutters. After lunch we engaged in creating our own rain cloud, this process taught the children how when a cloud becomes full of water, it bursts, creating rain. Everyone was excited to watch as their clouds burst and rained into the cups. We also had a very spontaneous game of building houses out of playing cards. This is a game I used to play as a child and thought it would be fun to show my Schoolies how to do it. I think they did better than me, and there was lots of laughter as the houses crumbled, especially mine 😂😂. After it cooled down a bit this afternoon we ventured outside where we enjoyed a game of Click and Catch and ran off some energy with a game of tag. Other thing the children enjoyed were – Avocado Smash, magnetic connectors, creating patterns with the Spirograph, clay creations and free play. See you all again tomorrow for another fun day. Could we please remember to send drink bottles. Love from Miss Lyn & Her Schoolies 😊💖😊