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Good afternoon families and friends. What a fun day it’s been! This morning we chatted about some of the things we would be doing, before we transitioned to our morning tea. Before we started making our own  pizza , we all washed our hands and placed gloves on. We then took turns spreading our pizza bases with sauce, after which we placed our chosen toppings onto the bases. These were salami, ham & cheese. The children were very excited for them to be cooked, and they all said how yummy it was while they were eating it. Our other activities today included magnetic tiles, role play with the fire & police station on the car mat, helping our friend to colour in, when he shared his books from home & Lego play. We also had some outdoor free play, before we settled down to watch our movie with a popcorn treat. The movie we watched was Toy Story 4. Have a lovely evening everyone & we will see you all tomorrow. Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies.