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Good afternoon friends and families 🙂

Today in vacation care we started our day in the playground, running around and riding the bikes. We also got everyone together for a big game of hide and seek which was so much fun. Even Miss Jade joined in. We then went up to our room and ate our yummy morning tea.

After morning tea, we explored paper mache art and crafts, to try and create our own bowling balls for our planned activity today of bowling. Once we had finished up the paper mache, the children put in a high demand request for more Just Dance videos to continue our fun from yesterday.

Once lunch arrived, we ate, tidied up and started a bowling game. This was so much fun and we used Mr Andrews indoor wooden pins and set them up in our classroom. The children loved this activity, as it was a change and something new for them.

We then gathered our drink bottles, bags, hats and shoes and went outside to enjoy another play in this lovely warm weather, ready to be picked up. Thanks for the fun day vacation care!

Miss Jade and Miss Steph 🙂