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Good evening families and friends, sorry I apologise for the lateness of the blog. Today we welcomed two new children Catalina & Charlotte to our vacation care family. We hope they have enjoyed their day. After our morning tea, we ventured outside to do some planting. Our budding little gardeners are growing Pansies, Petunias and Radish. We also tried our hand at paper cup weaving and have decided we will revisit this activity again another day. Our friends brought in their favourite books to share and were intrigued when I read one of them at group time. It was called  Piranhas Don’t Like Bananas  – this was a very funny book, with the piranhas deciding that they actually didn’t mind bananas after all, but they like bottoms better! Other activities we engaged in were – Click & Catch, drawing in groups, Lego, a spontaneous collage activity using patterned contact, glue and wool, jigsaw puzzles, a game of tag and basketball. See you all tomorrow.
Love from, Miss Lyn & The Schoolies 😊💖😊