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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

Today has been a wonderful wednesday. This morning while waiting for everyone to arrive we did some contruction with some 3D foam shapes from babies yard. While building Miss Jess had some bubbles for everyone to enjoy. It was lots of fun. We then headed inside once everyon arrived to the centre. We enjoyed some fruit and some delicious fruit cake that was made.

After having some yummy morning tea we explored inside for a little bit. Miss Jess had some colouring sheet for everyone. Everyine enjoyed the colouring sheet as it kept their eye hand cordination controlled and allowed them to express their emotions through coloringing. This also encouraged everyone to practice holding a pencil. We also played some games such as cheese stack snakes and ladders, and lego. Everyone enjoyed expressing interest in all the wonderful games that are provided for us to use. Some of us also enjoyed having some quiet time and reading a book, very relaxing. Afterwards it was timd for a presentation from Mr Paramedic where we learnt when to call an ambulance and how to call one. Also how to give CPR to people. This was every intertesting for everyine, we were all engaged with the presentation, we also had lots of questions. We hopt to show all our parent’s what we’ve learnt today. We also recived a certificate for completing the presentaion.

Our belly’s were very hungry and had some yummy pasta. We all enjoyed it. It was a little messy but was yummy for our tummies. This afternoon we hope its not too hot to go outside and enjoy water play. We hope to play some games with the water balloons and enjoy the afternoon outside.

Have a wonderful afternoon Miss Jess