Good evening families and friends. We have had such a fun filled day. Our Schoolies enjoyed the slides in the top yard this morning, having races with each other to see who was the quickest down the slides. We then went into our playground to play some ball games and do some reading before morning tea. To start our activities for the day the children created a huge collage using recycled cardboard, milk bottle caps, bread tags, egg cartons and pieces of felt. We also made delicious milo cookies for our afternoon tea, all taking turns measuring, pouring and mixing. The general opinion was that the mixture smelled yummy. The Schoolies said that they tasted yummy too. I have sent the recipe home for those that might like to make them again. Other fun things we did today were  – building houses out of cards, Lego construction on the new Lego mats, building with the magnetic tiles, playing trapped penguin and rescuing Miss Lyn’s glasses when she dropped them … Cute photo! See you all tomorrow.
Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies. 😊💖😊