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Hello families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3.

Our morning began in Babies 2. Charlie, Parker, and Olivia were first to arrive and were busy exploring the room. It was a freezing cold morning, so we decided to stay inside and head over to our room and keep warm.

Mel played some nursery rhymes as her friends were investigating all the toys. Charlie jumped straight into the dolls bed and began to feed one of her favourite dollies. Olivia investigated the toy plane and Parker joined Mel in doing the actions to “Incy Wincy Spider” and “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” Charlie and Olivia joined in and we all did the actions together.

Liz arrived with big cuddles for Miss Mel. Liz ran up to the laptop repeating “Shark, Shark” indicating she wanted Mel to play her favourite song “Baby Shark” Charlie, Olivia and Parker came running over very excited, we love Baby shark!!! Charlie said “look Mel’s” wanting Mel to watch her doing all the actions. Your so clever Charlie. Mel then played “Sleeping Bunnies” instantly Charlie, Liz, Olivia, and Parker dropped to the floor to sleep like bunnies. Winston and Valencia arrived and joined in. We played this song over a few times as our babies just love doing the actions together.

Liz then popped the oven mit on her hand and headed over to home corner to do some cooking while she watched herself in the mirror. Winston, Charlie, and Mel played a game of peek a boo. We shared lots of giggles together. Parker and Olivia practiced taking turns with the fire truck, pushing it to one another. Later Parker enjoyed some time on her own, picking up the “school of fish” book and flicking through the pages. Mel asked Parker where the fish were, Parker confidently pointed and said “there” Landen arrived and instantly began exploring. He loves opening and closing the fridge door, pushing the trucks around the room, and using his fine motor pressing and pushing the sensory colour toy.

It was time for our “clean up song” to encourage all our friends to pack away their toys, wash their hands and sit down at the table for some yummy morning tea.

After morning tea, we enjoyed some more free play. Mel sat down with her friends, and we spontaneously built towers together with the wooden blocks as Mel sung the “build it up” song. Winston, Olivia, Valencia, and Parker all joined in stacking and knocking down the towers giggling and sharing joy together. Winston said “ohhh no” when Olivia knocked his tower down. They all thought it was funny when Mel said “timber!!” as the towers crashed to the ground.

Today our friends Charlie and Liz are heading over to Toddlers 1 for a play as they will be transitioning very soon. Mel took them over and they were very excited. Liz ran straight to home corner and Charlie picked up the first dolly she could find. Charlie was a little unsure however Mel encouraged her to play with her new friends and Miss Maddi took Charlie to show her the dolls bed.

Back in our room we had two new little friends join us from Babies 2. Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa are so excited to have you Bella and Daris. You both were so confident and eager to explore all the toys. Bella found the toy phone, role playing Bella held it up to her ear as she began chatting away. Bella then found a teacup and started pretending to have a drink. “mmmm” she said. Daris sat with the sensory colour recognition toy, pushing, and pressing all the buttons. Mel named all the colours we could see. Daris then came across the fire truck and began pushing it around the room.

Continuing our celebration of “World Ocean Day” this week today we were going to paint and create our very own jelly fish! Using purple, pink, and blue paint and lots of glitter. Our friends were very excited when they saw Miss Vanessa with the paint. We popped our orange t-shirts on, so we didn’t get too messy and using paint brushes we took turns dipping our brushes into the paint. We then pinched the glitter between our thumb and pointer finger to sprinkle all over our jelly fish. Yes we also painted ourselves and the table but it was so much fun!!! We also attempted to stick the tentacles on with crepe paper, with a little help from our educators before we took turns washing our hands to clean off all the paint. .

Once the activity was over and we were all cleaned up we headed outside for a short play to stretch our legs while weather permitted. The slide was very popular, Bella, Daris, Winston and Oliva took turns sliding “weeeee” Olivia said as she slid down. Charlie spotted Mel’s through the yard and yelled hello Mel’s!! Charlie re joined us for a play.

Before we knew it, it was time to head inside and wash our hands. We said goodbye to our new friends Daris and Bella. Thank you for playing with us!! We are so excited to have you join the Babies 3 family very soon

Liz came back for some lunch and a sleep. Miss Vanessa lowered the blinds and put some relaxing music on as we ate our delicious lunch and settled on our beds for a nice long rest.

Thank you for a fun day babies.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxx