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We started our day playing outside while we waited for all our friends to arrived, Quinn was busy climbing on the obstacle course, Ivy had fun rocking forwards and back on the rocker and Hendrix explored what he can do with the hula hoops. and Charlotte played with Ivy’s baby doll saying ” baby needs dummy, baby is crying ”.Quinn, Charlotte and Ivy looked at I love you book with Miss Shelby, while looking at the pictures in the book Quinn pointed to the baby bear and said baby, Charlotte said look ” mother duck, daddy duck and baby duck” and Ivy pointed to where the bee was when Miss Shelby said ”can you see the bee Ivy”.

During morning tea Miss Shelby sang our ”Good Morning” song to welcome our friends Charlotte, Quinn, Hendrix, Alanis and Ivy. Our friends Charlotte and Hendrix said Good Morning to Miss Shelby while Quinn and Ivy waved hello to Miss Shelby. Our friend Quinn made some yummy muffins with her mum and brought them in to share with her friends, everyone enjoyed eating them up with their morning tea and our friend Kezia from babies joined us for morning tea as she is transitioning up from babies.

Today Miss Shelby set up painting activity using a sea horse and fish sand molder to paint with, our friends Hendrix, Ivy, Quinn and Alanis chose to have a turn at the painting while our other friends were busy playing with Miss Thais. Charlotte and Ivy were busy exploring the different hand puppets with Charlotte finding the spider puppet- she started singing Incy Wincy spider using the puppet to go up the window and Ivy was opening the crocodiles mouth and saying ”snap”. Hendrix and Ivy played with the fishing activity that was set up at the table, they used the wooden fishing rod to catch the different¬† sea animal magnets.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais