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What a lovely morning as children contributed to ideas to create an obstacle course. Taking turns, problem solving, communication, balance and gross motor skills.

Xavier and Wynter constructed robots. “It’s a crazy Robot” said Wynter as she incorporated it into her play experiences in the playground.

In the sandpit the girls created crumbly muffins…. maybe a great cooking idea,

indoors there was colouring in, gluing, cutting, pictures on peg boards, and puzzles.

Thanks for the awesome parent feedback, Billy & Bobby have expressed how much they love coming to Riversdale OSHC and making good choices to earn Riversdale dollars.

Transitioning to school with a quick game of stand up sit down, focusing on our listening skills. With Limbo they got to choose their own level to transition and get ready to walk to school. Upon starting our walk, we spun the compost bin, found flowers and bugs then talked about pollen, nectar and the importance of animals and insects in our world. Love our conversations when walking to and from school.


This afternoon children showed a sense of agency as they drew pictures in art corner, rainbows being popular. There was dancing to music on the carpet. Cognitive development as friends solved puzzles and built towers with LEGO and dominos.

Ping pong tournaments learning how to control the ball by hitting softly.


Bobby and Parker created a foxes den and recreated many different homes for their Fox characters.

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❤️🥰🌺 Miss Lea