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Welcome to our wonderful day with our Babies 1 friends.

Today we enjoyed having some one-on-one time with educators reading books, forming bonds and relationships with all our educators, and exploring our surroundings indoors and outdoors with toys of choice. Presley went to the yard and ran straight to the balls, took them, and threw to me saying “ball” then she ran into me and took the balls again. Indiana seems to be feeling more confident in her walking and today she decides to try to ride a bike. Good job Indiana

Afterwards, we had the time to enjoy our activity for Wow Wednesday – Wear Orange to show appreciation for the SES and our littles babies did a great job rescuing the animals and cars that was in the fire. They had a lot of fun lifting the paper and finding the animals and cars hidden under it. Shayaan, Zelia, and Grayson spent a lot of time playing with the papers, throwing up and laughing. Bentley was more interested in exploring the soft turtles. What a fun morning we have had, it was now time  inside and wash our hands for our yummy lunch.

This afternoon we had a visit from Miss Emma who had the opportunity to engage with Oliver and Jordan while our other friends were having their sleep. Oliver enjoyed reaching out to touch the wobbly koala, It seemed as though he enjoyed the jingling sound it made as you touched it as he smiled each time it made the sound.What a great way for Oliver to explore the concept of cause and effect. Jordan seemed to enjoy the songs that Miss Emma created using the little animal puppets as he gazed and smiled at her as she sang and interacted with him.

Thank you all for a wonderful day!! We look forward to more fun activities tomorrow!

♥ Much Love, Miss Otavia and Miss Lara ♥