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Hello Everyone,…. welcome to the OSHC page.

Jordan and Lucas constructed a maze house, multiple walls and room made it tricky to find each other. In the playground children created an obstacle course to enhance their balance, and gross motor skills. Communication and negotiation skills Β as everyone contributed to attributions of their play experiences.

Indoors children found their envelope as I handed out the Riversdale dollars. These are earnt for good choices, remembering and wearing their hats. Today Lucas and Sienna chose from the prize box for earning $10. Great mathematical skills as children add and subtract to count how much they need to achieve their goal. Β The story this morning was the Clever Spider.

This afternoon at group time Miss Crystal had the children engaged in rhythm sticks. I did a group talk about SES our safety services bringing an awareness of when to call 000. Colour in sheets, mazes, word search pages enhanced and reinforced safety. Unrelated, Jordan requested Mario colouring in.

the snails helped to bring a sense of calmness as the children patted and held them.

Construction of the movie theatre continued as Bobby was in charge of hanging signs, Parker was in charge of actions, and Coen was in charge of building props, Tia was in charge of posters.

In home corner Taylah and Matilda cooked up many soups and chocolate.

The movie theatre was so much fun choosing a movie and getting a ticket

I watched the bug movie and with props Bobby and Jordan moved around me role playing a variety of bugs.

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Love, blessing and light from Miss Lea