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Good afternoon family and friends.

What a lovely morning it has been welcoming Zilo, Archie, Lincoln, Alanis, Grace, Dominic, Parker, Kezia and Poppy to the centre and watching your children flourish and explore their environment. We spent the morning outdoors where the children enjoyed the company of each other and also enjoyed friendships from the other rooms.

After a big play outdoors, we came inside for grouptime. Today, we read “Ducks away” and had a dance party as requested by Parker. Parker didn’t seem impressed with the playlist Miss Steph had on as she didn’t realise their favourite songs are sleeping bunnies, freeze dance party and baby shark. Every meal time today we have encouraged self help skills, promoting this becoming a regular occurance from now on.

We then asked with the nicest permission if we could please borrow Miss Leesa’ Octanuats for the length of free play time before packing away and making beds before a little run around outside before it began raining.  The children also enjoyed finding an empty pocket to put their hats in, cooking up a storm, building towers high in the sky and playing with the dress ups.  Dont forget to check out the photos.

We hope you have had a spledid day as we have.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Lara xx