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Parent Testimonials

 Personal Testimonials for Childcare Centres of Excellence:

“We cannot thank BELC staff and management enough for the outstanding quality of their service. Their professionalism, warmth and care of all staff combined  with a dedicated and skilled management team make BELC a truly nurturing haven for children. BELC is a special place where the parents will not only feel their children are safe and extremely well looked after, but a place where they are offered exceptional support in this incredible journey called parenthood. You’ll only need to pack a change of clothes for your children, a bed sheet and a bottle of water and bring them to BELC in the morning. All these together with a big hug and a kiss from you before leaving and big open arms and honest smiles from their educators and they will be ready for a great day!

Their meals and snacks are all taken care of: organic, freshly cooked and  following a menu developed by their in-house nutritionist! How great is that for convenience and peace of mind? Their activities are stimulating, diversified and interesting, with lots of staff involved with the children throughout the day. Their additional services such as speech pathology assessments of children performed by masters of speech pathology from  Griffith University speak also about the quality of the services offered by BELC. Their communication is fantastic, always prompt, informative and open to dialogue, not to mention their daily emailed updates on the children’s programs. BELC makes it so easy for the busy parents to stay up to date with their children’s routines and progress. It is very comforting to read, at the end of the day, about what your children have been up to while in childcare…it almost makes you feel like you are not missing out when they are away from you… Also, their location across the road from Bellevue State School is extremely convenient and BELC works closely with the school and offers also before and after school care.

On a more personal note, when my child was deemed gifted by a child health nurse I knew that part of this outcome we owe to BELC for running such an amazing educational program. In three years my very active and inquisitive little child had only one day when he didn’t feel like going to kindy. This is a great outcome at such a young age and speaks volumes about the quality of the stimulation offered through their educational program and the caring staff. We are now attending BELC with our second child and eight of our little friends are going there too. I cannot recommend them high enough.” Congratulations, BELC for aiming so high and always striving for excellence!

I.F. – happy mother of two

Good Morning everyone,

We did just want to take some time to thank you sincerely for our Kindy experience. Sienna loved every second at Kindy and the Teachers in the Toddler group are all outstanding in their own individual ways and compliment each others characters beautifully. All staff always seem happy at work and it is such a pleasant environment to walk into.  Apart from our 3 regular teachers, we had Renee a few times floating around who is just such a pleasant person.

I did inspect numerous Childcare Centre’s before deciding to apply for the Riversdale Early Learning Centre. I have to say that your centre is by far the cleanest that I have seen. However, for me the most important criteria was your organic Kindy kitchen. There is simply no other centre that offers anything that would even come close to your menu. Unprocessed and full of truly nutritional food. I really cannot speak highly enough of the Centre and I have recommended you to just about anyone that would listen to it.

Thanks so much and we will miss the Centre.

Kathleen and Sienna

Outstanding Contribution to Learning:

I just wanted to formally acknowledge Des’ree on her achievements of teaching the pre kindy children science. She has done (and is still doing) an amazing job. Stephan and I are very impressed with her ideas and dedication to making science fun and engaging for the whole class.

Stephanie and Stephan

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