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Co-Curricular & Enrichment

Enrichment Programs

At Riversdale Early Learning Centre, we provide individualised programs to support Children’s Emotional and Social Intelligence and our Educational Programs cater to each Child’s particular interests and skill development in all age groups. From as young as 2 years of age we offer Specialised pre-reading and writing activities and Interactive Technologies, along with the Innovative Mindup Program, Words Their Way, THRASS and Brain Gym.

Throughout the year Riversdale Early Learning Centre invites the Griffith University Masters of Speech Pathology Graduate Students to assess all children for Speech, Language and Communication Skills. In previous years, parents have been very impressed with the information gained by their interactions and assessment of their children. Many families speak very highly of the benefits. We are also blessed to have one of our former parents and very well regarded, Amanda Dansky, as the Speech Pathologist Supervisor.

All educators involved also benefit greatly from the clinic that runs for Eight Weeks, learning new Speech Games and reinforcing Communication Styles to continue to foster the children’s language and speech development. The Speech Pathology students hold an Information Night and make referrals to families whose children require additional assistance and enrichment after assessment.

Co-Curricular Programs

MONDAY – 9.30am

Healthy Lifestyle Active Kids Program

The Centre provides an Active Kids program every Monday morning for all children over 3 years, including those in Pre Kindy and Kindergarten.  The children are taken through a variety of personalised gross motor skills, co-ordination and fitness activities.    This is a complimentary program provided by Riversdale Early Learning Centre using qualified fitness instructors from the Healthy Lifestyle Club.

All the children thoroughly enjoy the activities and are really excited and engaged in each lesson, that they all want to share how much exercise they are doing.  The program begins by focusing on the basics and a little bit of work on balance, then extends into using the obstacle course for gross motor skills, learning new body weight strength exercises and of course playing games and having lots of fun. 

The program at the beginning of each year commences with a focus on gross motor skills/co-ordination training.  This part of the program lays the foundations for the rest of the year.  A lot of the drills in this block of training are focussed around using the agility ladder.  The next block of training, the children are taught about special awareness and playing in a team environment.  This is really fun because the children get to play lots of games, which they love.  The third block of training, which has just commenced, is all about improving balance.  There are a lot of different and fun drills the children will do to improve their balance.

At the end of each lesson, the instructor then talks with the children about the different ways they can keep themselves fit and healthy, including:

    • The difference between ‘sometimes’ foods and ‘all the time’ foods.
    • Why breakfast is so important for us to eat.
    • How many meals a day they should be eating.
    • The importance of exercise.

We encourage all families to talk to your children about these topics at home.

Exercise and fitness are very important for Children because it helps them in so many ways including:

      • Exercise makes for a healthy heart.
      • Lowers your risk of diabetes.
      • Helps with bone strength.
      • Boosts energy levels.
      • Helps manage stress.
      • Starts good healthy habits for life.
      • Increases muscle strength.


Here are some other tips to help you with exercising with your Children:

  • Make exercise easy such as a brisk walk, bike riding and swimming are all good options.
  • Make it a family exercise time.
  • Jumping, jogging and running are all great exercises as your child gets fitter.
  • Plan to exercise with your kids and stick to it.
  • Last of all, the most important thing is to make it FUN so that your kids will want to do it all the time.

For more information contact Marco at Healthy Lifestyle Club on 5570 2116 or visit their website.


TUESDAY – 9.15am

Intro Tennis Program

An ongoing professional program designed specifically for 2½- 6 year olds.  This program will introduce your child to the basics of tennis; reward each child with a medal for perseverance; develop gross motor skills and hand eye coordination; increase confidence and learning ability; build team play and group participation and be lots of fun.  Lessons are every Tuesday with Miss Carol and you only pay for lessons attended.



Yoga with Miss Lorin

Yoga for the little ones is so important in this day and age.

Lorin’s journey in the fitness industry began in 2008.  As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Lorin felt guided to further her education and understanding of the mental, energetic and emotional body, therefore commencing a Bachelors Degree in Health Science in 2011. 

For many years Lorin enjoyed the physical benefits of yoga, however when she connected with her Akhanda yoga teacher, her practice moved far beyond the limits of the mat and began to have profound benefits in all aspects of her life.  In early 2015 the desire to deepen her understanding of yogic philosophy lead her to Rishikesh, India where she completed her teacher training at Anand Prakash Ashram under the guidance of guru Yogrishi Vishvketu.  As an Akhanda yoga teacher and naturopathy/nutrition student, Lorin continues to share her passion, knowledge and smile all around her.  Lorin’s intention is to light inquisitive sparks in all her ‘little’ students, helping the next generation to learn about the movement of their bodies, being present having fun. 


FRIDAY – 9.15am

Arakan Martial Arts Program

Children’s self-defence classes are held at the centre in conjunction with Arakan Martial Art every Friday.  All children in Pre Kindy and Kindergarten take part in these lessons.  It is shown that those children who take part are more likely to:

  • increase focus
  • gain confidence
  • develop patience
  • become assertive, not aggressive
  • become fitter and healthier
  • develop leadership skills
  • be less likely to bend to peer pressure
  • develop practical skills to protect him/herself
  • have fun

The cost is $1.50 per child.

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