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Welcome back to a new week in the Kindergarten 2 room.

Today we took out the flower connectors and the children used their creativity and imagination to make necklaces, flowers and animals with the connectors. They also enjoyed using the large colourful building blocks to make ‘Elsa’s house’ – Rosie and ‘It’s a Huuuge castle’ – Taran. Harper and Luna enjoyed making and sampling ice cream flavours using the magnetic blocks. They offered their creations to all of their peers and teachers

Kinetic sand was very loved today, the children respectfully split the sand up after it was placed on the table, making sure that all of their peers had some to play with. Emerson, Hendrix and Ivy were having a competition to see who could built the best castle.

Bonnie and Macy could be seen and heard acting out the characters for which they were portraying in home corner with both the people and the animals, ‘neighhh, neighhh’, ‘Arghh mummy help’ and ‘look I’m saving the day’ filtered through the room as they carried out their play.

We spent some time today extending on our fine motor skills. With the option to self-select between the crayons and the texters, the children drew and drew and drew. At the end of the activity, we had a whole pile of beautiful, colourful pictures.

After we finished our afternoon tea, the children had the option of indoor or outdoor play. We left the doors open to the room and the children could filter in and out to seek their own play experiences. The children outside, hovered straight to the obstacle course and to the bicycles. They demonstrated their turn-taking skills as there took their peers for rides around the yard on the back of their bikes, and as they patiently waited for their friends to complete the course, before having a go themselves.

During our Yoga session, the children practiced the moves with Miss Hayley, bending and stretching their bodies. Armin and Owen, enjoyed pretending to be the snake, laying down and wriggling their body ‘sssssss’.

See you tomorrow!

Miss Shannan