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Hello Families,

Welcome to our Monday in Babies 3.

I want to share with you something really cool about the development of our babys. When our year began, we all played very individually. We often came close to our friends, or played with the same objects, but not together. Nowadays our social skills have developed a lot. We call each other to play as we discover that playing together can be more fun. We like to give hands, we exchange care and even have whole conversations, in our own language. Is very beautiful to watch our social evolution and how we are learning about affection, care and friendship.

That’s how our day started. Charlie, Peyton and Avery playing together with hand in hand. Then Augie joined the girls for a blocky prank. When Lis arrived, we all danced a few songs together (like one of our favorites, sleepy bunny) and Avery had the initiative to pull a chair saying “bus”. So we did the track of chairs and sang together “the wheels on the bus” several times. And speaking of being ware of each other, our friends welcomed our two new friends, Theo and Valencia. And when Luna arrived, we got our friend Halle back from the babies room 2 (where she was visiting), and prepared for morning tea.

We cleaned up our room and washed our hands, ready for morning tea. We get very excited when we see Miss Laura bring in our morning tea by cheering and yelling “morning tea, morning tea!” Our newest little friend Camila arrived just in time to join us. We all welcomed Camila with big smiles.

After we were all cleaned up we were very excited to head outside. Miss Vanessa organized a sensory activity with pretending mug and water, and also some toothbrushes, so we could, together, clean and wash the animals while learning about their sounds and names. It was so fun. Today our friends Valencia and Teo rather to be more observer than active players, but our other friends really engaged. Luna just loved it, since she is the biggest fan of sensory activities.

Our friends from Babies 2 were outside and joined in on the fun. We all spoke about the different animals we were washing and the sounds they make.

After our activity we stayed outside and had some free play. Then we cleaned up and were nice and dry. Miss Shae read some stories for us, and Theo really liked it. Finally we were ready for some lunch and a nice nap.

See you all very soon.

♥ Miss Nessa and Miss Shae ♥