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What a blast we had today in the Kindergarten Two room. Inside the children were very excited to try on the new astronaut costume. They took turns being the astronaut and flying up into space where they said that they met lots of aliens and saw the planets. To extend on this, Miss Shannan printed out some alien and astronaut masks and the children cut them out to wear, and (with the help of Miss Shannan) tie string to the sides so that they could where them. Luna said that she was a ‘kitty cat up in space’ who liked to ‘cuddle friends and chase aliens’. Riley decided to be an alien astronaut. He first put his alien mask on, before suiting up in his astronaut gear ready to explore. Hendrix, after cutting out and making his mask, decided he wanted to add some paint to it. So he took it out to the veranda to add some extra colours.

Outside, Harper and Millicent gave their friends an Elsa concert. They requested that Miss Shannan play frozen on the speaker, before they then began their show. It was lovely to hear and watch such beautiful singing and dancing.

Ella, Ryan and Ivy worked together to make red playdough out on the veranda. They kneaded flour and colour into the dough, until it transformed from white and sticky, to red and soft.

During rest time, the children asked for the ‘zen puppy yoga’ and ‘rocket ship puzzles. Those participating in yoga enjoyed stretching their bodies while listening to the calming stories and watching and joining along as the yoga puppy practiced him breathing. Up at the table, the remainder of the children completed the rocket ship puzzles, in which they had to search through the various sized and coloured pieces to complete their own rocket ship.

Thank you so much for a beautiful filled with lots of smiles and laughter!

See you tomorrow,

Miss Shannan 😊