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Hello dear friends and family of Babies 3, welcome to our day.

Today was a beautiful day with a pleasant temperature. We started our day by welcoming our friends to the babies 1 yard. Augie, Avery and Peyton were in the yard next doo, the toddlers one.  Halle and Parker had a lot of fun with the tunnel and Liz loved showing off her motor skills climbing.

When we went to our yard, we were super excited about the sandpit. I think we’re going to take some of it with us home, huh dad and mama? Because we give ourselves entirely to the construction of castles, to the feeling of sand in our fingers and the possibility of sharing this fun with our friends.

Our friends Winston and Parker had joined us all morning. And they adapted to our room without any difficulty, since we are used to sharing many moments together. Besides that, it was great to be able to play with Valencia and Olivia again.

Inside our room it was a party. The room was full of colored ribbons and Halle, Olivia, Liz and Valencia joined Miss Vanessa dancing with the ribbons while we spoke the colors of the ribbons. At the same time a super exciting breakfast with dolls was taking place across the room under the supervision of Miss Lais. We talked about all the fruits and vegetables we saw on the table. Nummy. It even gave us some hunger. And speaking of hunger, our morning tea was super organized and calm. Some of us eat beans and sauce even with our hair, don’t we, Halle?

After our usual cleaning routine, we return to the yard for a sensory experience with green gelatin and dinosaurs, and blue gelatin and marine animals. Liz exclaimed “Wow” the entire time. Valencia loved dinosaurs, Olivia liked marine animals better, and Winston really liked to taste it all! When Miss Vanessa asked about the colors Halle was super quick to answer “blue” about her bowl with sea animals! Very smart! And Parker made a whole speech, pointing to the bowl of green jelly. We didn’t understand a word but it was certainly very interesting.

Before going on with our routine, Miss Jess from the babys room 2 did a scientific experiment creating colored foam with baking soda, vinegar and food coloring. Liz again did not stop pointing and shouting “wow”. Olivia wanted to feel the mixture and winston thought about tasting it, but gave up when he smelled the vinegar.

We went back to our room and made a beautiful book club sitting at the table. Valencia excelled in reading. Then we organized to change diapers and clothes and get our friends Augie, Peyton and Avery back. It was also time to say goodbye to Winston and Parker. What a day!

Now, we organized our room to the sound of the “clean up” song and with calm music and low light we sat at our table to have lunch and after, some rest.

Thank you for reading us, and see you tomorrow.

Xoxoxo, Miss Nessa and Miss Lais.