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Hello family and friends of the Kindergarten children, welcome to our Friday here at Riversdale.

This morning Mr Andrew and Miss Jess gave a warm welcome to 13 friends. We have been able to enjoy the company of the Senior Kindy teachers and classroom due to the wetter weather so thank you to them for their hospitality.

Today we had some awesome story times with a book Coen brought from home and some others that looked at practicing our letters. We also did some class favourites such as Unicorn and the rainbow snow.

Miss Jeni came for some awesome dancing sessions with the children and I loved their confidence to all get up and have a turn doing a solo performance. We continued this in the Kindergarten class with some freeze music and dancing circles with our friends.

With the wetter weather we have seen more bugs moving around the playground finding food and sources of water and this could be the next big class focus.

Our current class focus is positive relationships and being kind to our friends. We all worked together to make a class rules poster on the wall and we talk about being what things we can do to be kind to our friends everyday at group times.

Thank you all for another wonderful week and see you next week.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.