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Welcome Kindergarten families to a well overdue sunny Friday. The weather has definitely lifted the mood and the children were all smiles in the playground this morning after getting some love hearts painted on their arms or faces from Miss TJ.

Mariah and Astrid greeted their teachers with big hugs this morning, which is great to see, especially considering kindness has been a big focus in the classroom recently. Our quiet classroom of 10 children were enjoying having more space to roam around and time to practice some trickier activities such as croquet which Carter and Kerim were trying to master. Wyatt has been practicing climbing skills and different ways to get into the tree house and across the rope obstacles. Ellie, Charlotte and Astrid had so much fun in the sandpit, swinging away on the rope swings under the tree house and making some cool castles! Mace liked filling up the water jugs before tipping them down the rock river to make an awesome waterfall.

As we came inside and got ready for morning tea our friends Eva and Marshall greeted us with warm smiles. Soon after we finished morning tea we helped clean up before heading to the group time mat with Miss Jess.

This morning Miss Jess introduced us to our class reward chart and how it works. The children were very intrigued and eager to get some stickers onto it.

Miss Jess also did our calendar with us, Astrid, Mariah and Eva helped change the date, day, and weather of today. We then practiced our days of the week song; we all have picked it up so fast and singing it so well! So, we decided to show Mr Andrew our song when he came back, he was impressed!

Soon after group time our friends selected activities of their choice. Mace and Marshall showed an interest in the cars, Miss Jess went to S.K to grab some cool cars and helped draw a car track on the table. This sparked interest from the other children who then came over to check it out.

Mason enjoyed playing with the connectors as well as Wyatt. The dominos were fun to carefully set up in a line before you knock one down to form that domino effect, Charlotte, Carter and Mariah liked this activity. Astrid, Mariah, Ellie and Charlotte really loved exploring the home corner area with each other and role playing.

A lot of fun activities were explored throughout the day! We also had dancing with Miss Jenni!! We showed off some awesome moves in our solo part AND practiced our dance routine for the end of the year!! So much joy, happiness and laughter was had throughout today.

This afternoon all friends couldn’t wait to hit the outdoors and be welcomed with the fresh air and all the fun they were about to endure of the great outdoor environment provided.

Thankyou Kindergarten for an awesome week,

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

See you all soon,

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess.