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Welcome to our Wednesday in the Kindergarten class. Today we had some wonderful fun in the morning with the playground activities Miss TJ set up such as imaginative play with the doll houses, physical challenges on the obstacle courses and as always opportunities to draw some awesome pictures.
We said goodbye to our Pre-Kindy and Senior Kindy friends and had some morning tea and while we ate we read a story called “The Peace Book” which highlighted different ways we could be peaceful. These included helping our friends, making sure everyone has enough to eat, looking after plants and animals and thinking about people we love. Emmett said he loved his baby brother, Wyatt said he loved his mum and dad, Kianni said she loved Ryan and Salami, Harper said she loved her sister Savannah and Sonni said he loved his dog Narla. Mr Andrew said he loved his wife Cara and daughter Poppy.

Our morning activities included listening to a new fairy tale called Rumpelstiltskin. The children had some funny guesses about what his name could be but Sonni remembered the name of the story and guessed right! We talked about how we shouldn’t lie because it can get us into trouble. Afterwards we drew our own crazy fairy tale characters and used the letter stamps to give them random names. The children are doing very well at recognising all the letters in their own names and the correct order that they go in. We have been doing lots of practice such as writing on our artwork and writing on the chalkboards every day.
The children have enjoyed having smaller groups so that they can really explore some of the free play materials like blocks and home corner. There have been some wonderful interactions and the teachers have tried to demonstrate as many positive interactions as possible like asking if others would like a turn, making sure to use our manners and seeing if others are ok if they seem upset.

After lunch and relaxation time we played some sport and movement games in the tree hut such as “candlesticks”, “numbers” and “here comes the crocodile” they children are practicing gross motor skills and learning how to move their bodies quickly and in a coordinated fashion to achieve a result.Later in the afternoon we will join up with our other kindy friends in the playground and will have many laughs and expend some more energy. I have enjoyed seeing some new friendships being made by all the children as well as we have been together with the other classes a lot more.
Have a wonderful Wednesday and see you again soon!