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Good Afternoon,
We welcome you to another great Wednesday here in Babies 1. This morning we commenced in the Babies 3 room to begin our day. Edward, Charlie, and Olive took great excitement being amongst their older friends and getting to explore the variety of toys.

Edward, and Charlie decided to start their morning off in the play kitchen, where they both used their imagination to make Miss Lilly some morning breakfast and cup of hot chocolate. Olive on the other hand, was enjoying her wide selection of books from animals, numbers, and colours, which corresponds with her fine motor skills.

We came inside and sat together in a group to enjoy our lovely wholesome morning tea. They enjoyed delicious bananas and a raspberry puree, accompanied with some delicious pears. Once we finished morning tea, we all had our first sleep of the day!

Later through the day we ventured outside, where the Babies were extremely excited to be amongst nature and getting some fresh air. Edward went straight for the sandpit where he finds great pleasure in rolling around, and driving his favourite green truck on the sand, this only enhances his use of imagination.

Olive was enjoying her time with the babies, rocking and making noises to them, which was adorable to watch. Charlie loved pushing around the lawn mower and going down the slide with her friends.

Then Olivia was quite happy sitting and playing with the puppets, her favourite puppet was miss piggy.

I apologise for not many photos today as our battery went flat!

Thank you for lovely, happy day!
Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!