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Hello families,

Today we started the day with a little play outdoors, but the rain came so we moved indoors to play instead.

We started the day with Group Time singing our morning songs and washing our hands properly before our “yummy” morning tea.

At activity time, we decided to do some craft, which is our toddlers favourite! This week we are learning about space, rocket ship, moon, planets and sun so we had some different print outs of the planets, sun and rocket ships that the children glued and then stuck some glitter onto, everyone really enjoyed being independent and using their own paint brush to put the glue on, and then choosing their colour of glitter to put onto their picture.

After our crafts we decided to do some dress ups with the princess dresses and the fire fighter jacket, in our outfits we were ready to do some dancing! The children loved listening to the music and dancing along in time with it, gigling and smiling with each other.

We then sat at the table for some pink playdough made by our friends next door in toddler one! Playdough is always a hit with the toddlers as they love squishing and manipulating the playdough into different shapes and using the tools to cut, roll and smooth out their creation, sometimes pretending its food and pretend eating it!

When we had all had enough fun with the playdough, we transitioned into the bathroom to wash our hands for our delicious lunch so that our tummies were full for rest time.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Lots of love, Miss Thais xxx