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Hello everyone and welcome to the Babies 1 news for the day!  😊 This morning Miss Kate and Miss Lilly greeted our friends with a warm cuddle before acknowledging their choices in where to play in the room.  Olive and Peyton played in parallel play to self-select the basket of the stacking ring toys this morning to increase their fine motor skills and concentration spans.  😊

Miller practiced her spoon-feeding independence skills as a follow up to a goal we have set for her.  She did at coordinating the spoon to her mouth with the yummy fruit crumble for morning tea and only needed a little assistance.  😊

Edward, Daris and Parker responded well to spontaneous singing throughout the day today which is wonderful to see the children recognising and attempting the actions to some of favourites.  These include – ‘Twinkle little star’ and ‘Open, shut them’.  Our friends develop their language and social skills during singing and repetition of our favourites help them predict and learn the best!  😊

Outside play is always a highlight of our time spent in the Babies 1 Room where are generally combined with our friends from Babies 3!  It is so wonderful to see how well Scarlett is adapting to her new room with lots of familiar faces too!  😊  Our children explored the dolls, duplo blocks, mega soft climbing blocks, slide and sandpit to encourage their physical gross motor development!  😊

NOTE – Is anyone missing an elephant blanker that was left here on Tuesday afternoon?  Please ask Miss Kate or Miss Lilly as we have it safe for you!  😊

REMINDER – Pyjama Day dress up and gold coin donation!  We are looking forward to it!  😊

Miss Kate and Miss Lilly!  ♥  ♥