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Good afternoon Families, here is a little bit about what the toddlers got up to today!

Today the children were lucky enough to go to a different play ground in the centre. Chanel has been asking to go there each day. So Miss Gabi took some of the children there to play. While in the playground the children had free play. As it is a more open yard the children were able to run around and kick the ball around like soccer.

This morning for group time Miss Gabi decided to let the children use their imagination and as a group create a giant train track. The children at first found it a little difficult to work as a team to build the train track. Some children making it bigger while some children were knocking it down. After a little while the children were able to come together with the help of Miss Gabi and make a big train track for their cars.

This morning inside to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s day. We decided to create a cooking learning experience. For this experience we have chose to cook damper.  Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread, historically prepared by swagmen, drovers, stockmen, and other travellers. It consists of a wheat-flour -based bread, traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire or in a camp oven. Damper is an old iconic Australian dish that we decided would complement todays occasion.