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Hello families and friends – Happy Thursday!!! 🙂

Once everyone had arrived for the day the children come up with a fun learning experience using the tunnel as a pretend cave in this mornin activity time  in the playground area.

Before morning tea we gather on the step to sing our days of the week song, sing good morning to each of our friends and teachers, along with acknowledgement to country and then transition to the bathroom where we sing our hand washing song then grab drink bottles to sit down at the table so we know everyone is ready for their morning tea.

After morning teatime, we went to the slide playground which is a “new” area of the childrens playground. It was the first time this morning that the Toddlers classroom has been allowed to play in the slides area. They absolutly loved this adventure. They could not be happier then when we let the children open the gates to the slide area and go totally free with joy. They were aughing and shrieking so much and each time they got down on the slide we could hear “wooow”. There eyes  were shining and was a wonder to behold as all the children were full of energy and they didn’t stop for one second. They also invited Miss Steph for a tea party time.

Was a wonderful day around here today!!!

With Love

Miss Steph, Miss Gabi and Miss Layne.