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Welcome to the end of our week everyone! It has been a super quick and super fun one including today.

We gathered together in the outdoor playground with lots of smiles and greetings ready for the day. After coming indoors fro some yummy morning tea we gathered on the mat to talk about Daffodil day and why it is important. We also practiced some greetings in different languages. The children could come up and choose what language they wanted to speak and they repeated after the teachers. Some children wanted to know other phrases like “How are you?” or “Have a good day”.

Our other planned activity for the day was daffodil finger painting, we used some real daffodils as inspiration and the children commented on how beautiful they looked and smelled.

We had some outdoor play in the after school playground before lunch and tested our balance on obstacles courses and rested on the bench in the shade.

In the afternoon we got our big floor puzzles out with the alphabet and numbers, others enjoyed some reading sessions while others again got the playdough out for some relaxing play.

Later we plan to head outdoors again in our big playground for lots of bike riding, swinging and climbing.

Thanks for reading the blog today and enjoy your weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess

Making little flowers out of playdough

With pictures all over the kitchen to tell them where to put things, the children are doing really well at looking after this space!

We moved the classroom around today and the children helped move furniture and vacuum the floors

We began group time by getting the children to practice greetings from different languages including Samoan, Tongan and Fijian

Painting daffodils for Daffodil day and talking about how we can support people and families affected by cancer