Happy Wednesday

Miss Vee is back from her holidays and was excited to see the children for their Art lesson. The Pre-Kindergarten children sat beautifully on the mat listening to the story called ‘Lifetimes’ which explored grief and loss by looking at lifespans of plants, animals and people. It helps us remember, understand and explain that all life as a beginning and end by -Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen. The children were then invited in small groups to create an art piece using inspiration from the story. We used glue, various colours of paper to signify life and old leaves. The group used the resources to express their views on the story.

On the other tables the children enjoyed messy play with playdough, free drawing with the pens drawing Halloween images and playing a match Halloween card game. Over on the mat, Pre K built an amazing train track together!

The big group that went for their Little Big Sports lesson came back with big smiles on their faces. They told us how they “Kicked goals” and “played soccer with their friends”.

Before our lunch time we made our way up into the tree house to do a meditation excercise by laying down on the floor and looking up into the sun roof. The children responded so well to this excercise as we spoke about needing to get rid of any monsters inside of our bodies and explored our senses. Thinking about what we can hear, see, smell and touch. We then listened to an audio story of ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’ as MIss TJ was dressed up as the Little Red from the story today for BOOK WEEK.

We are very impressed with everyone’s creativity for BOOK WEEK again today! Thank you parents for making this happen. We have really enjoyed reading some of the stories you have all shared!

Have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx