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Happy Thursday!

Today in Pre-Kindergarten we had our Halloween Party. The class could not contain their excitement and were curious about what was planned for the day. It was so great to see a lot of friends dressed up for the occasion, we had to take some snaps of everyone in their amazing costumes 😊

At 9 o’clock we came inside to walk around the spooky classroom, finding all sorts of props and decoration. We made our way over to the mat and started our morning off with a few songs and reading Tanner’s Sing Along Mickey Mouse Story.

It was then time to PARTY! We had a face paint station, a spooky collage table, play dough at the table with creepy crawlies and a large sensory tub on the floor filled with gooey ooey worms (coloured spaghetti) and all sorts of Halloween toys such as pumpkins, witches fingers, eye balls, creepy crawlies and more! Over on the mat was our Halloween disco area where we danced along to some of our favourite Halloween inspired songs and also some other non Halloween classics. We also had a bit of fun taking photos by the photo booth 😊 The hair salon was also a huge hit again today!

While all of this fun was going on Mr Dan invited small groups to join him outside in the tree house to burn off more energy doing Arakan Martial Arts.

Wow! What an amazing day! We are so proud of the chidlren today as they were well behaved and we could see that they were engaged in the experiences in a respectful and positive way 😊

Enjoy your afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia… or should I say the Clown and the Witch xx